Do you have doubts about electrostimulation?

Frequently asked questions about electro muscular stimulation.

Muscle electrostimulation is very safe, reliable and, in fact, has been used by the medical community for many decades. The technology is still widely used in hospitals, physical therapy clinics, and is used by physiotherapists, personal trainers in spas and gyms.

You can start using electrostimulation at any age. Children under the age of 15 should not use it as they do not need the benefits of electrostimulation because during the first few years of growth, (unless prescribed by a doctor), but they are usually active enough to get most of the exercise that is necessary for healthy growth.

With a weekly session of 20/30 minutes, it is enough for the results to be noticed, but depending on the state of form of each one, two weekly sessions can be carried out, leaving at least a couple of days between sessions.

After 3 or 4 weeks you should start to notice the results. With ACTIVE, according to the variables, in terms of intensity, we can achieve different objectives: from producing a relaxing effect to calming pain, from developing muscle strength and volume to improving muscle power and endurance. ACTIVE is very effective in improving our general wellbeing from the moment we start the session.

  • Pregnant.
  • People with cardiac arrhythmias, who have suffered active phlebitis and thrombosis.
  • People with pacemaker.
  • Children under 15 years old.
  • People with skin rash problems near the point of application of the electrodes.
  • People with tumor diseases (Cancer).
  • People who are in viral processes, acute infections and during febrile states.
  • People with diabetes.
  • People with epilepsy.