ACTIVE: your EMS Suit

1.778,70  con IVA / with TAX

ACTIVE: the innovative whole-body electro stimulation system (EMS) equipment

Tones, slims, gains strength in less time and without joint load.

100% effective 100% functional 100% autonomous 100%.

The ACTIVE set includes:

  • Toning gel
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ACTIVE: the personal whole-body electrostimulation EMS equipment.

Performance Gear and wellness


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The electrostimulation is 100% EFFECTIVE:

Without articular load, fibrillar recruitment increases up to 90% thanks to the involuntary muscle contraction generated by the device.

The Active EMS device is 100% AUTONOMOUS:

The ACTIVE device is unique in the world, it does not depend on any software controlled by third parties, which makes it the first EMS system with its own autonomy.


The ACTIVE EMS suit adapts to your body like a second skin and allows you to do any type of training without limits of space and place.


If you practice any sport, tennis, golf, paddle, etc get Active and practice your movements, technical gestures or  feet’s play with the suit activated, , it will not limit you to make your swing or hit the ball. The muscular chain that works in any technical gesture will have a greater fibrillary activation and will also allow you to work the deepest musculature that will allow you to achieve greater stability and power.

If you are a long-distance runner, cyclist or triathlete with Active you will be able to reduce your training volume and increase your performance (see University of Granada study on long-distance runners).


Do you have doubts about ACTIVE: the whole-body electrostimulation EMS equipment?

Check our EMS page where we explain how EMS global electrostimualtion works, or check our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Are you still in doubt? Contact us:

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ACTIVE: your EMS Suit

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