Personalized Advice and Training session pack

242,00  con IVA / with TAX

Get the most out of your team with our EMS expert Miquel Puigdevall.

Attend to the Personalized Advice and Training sessions for 4 weeks.

Pack value: € 200 (4 sessions valued at € 50).


With the pack of 4 Personalized Advice and Training session pack with the electrostimulation expert Miquel Puigdevall, you can get the most out of your Active equipment. You will solve your doubts, you will improve your training and you will define with him the training routine you need to achieve your goals.


What is global electro muscular stimulation?

In very general terms, electro muscular stimulation or EMS is a replica of the body’s natural process of causing muscle contraction. Global muscle electrostimulation is, therefore, the system by which we involuntarily contract tens of muscles at the same time. Muscle electrostimulation (also known as EMS for Electro Muscular Stimulation) manages to tone and activate metabolism. This is why the application of electrostimulation during a weight loss program is so interesting.

Until now, global EMS vest or equipment was very expensive and reserved for a few. Now, with the new Active personal equipment, you can access electrostimulation in your own home, or go to a coach who has one of our equipment.

If you do not know the EMS, we encourage you to read the complete information that you will find in our EMS section. What type of diets do you offer?

Each person has different needs and objectives. Therefore, once you have your gift, we will contact you to send you the personalized diet for 4 weeks.

Taking into account your characteristics, if you are a man or a woman and according to your needs / objectives, we will send you the diet that suits you: diet for a flat stomach, diet for toning, etc.


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Personalized Advice and Training session pack

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