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The electrostimulation is a replica of the natural process controlled by the brain to provoke a muscular contraction. Through an afferent pathway, the electro stimulator sends an electrical impulse to the different muscle groups and causes an involuntary contraction that helps to recruit a greater number of muscle fibers during training, achieving a higher intensity work than in conventional training and more effective by adding a lower risk of injuries in force work.
It helps us to strengthen muscle, improve circulation, reduce and eliminate fat, cellulite and any benefit derived from sports practice based on our objectives.


Electro stimulation or EMS electrostimulation has been used in physiotherapy for many years as a rehabilitation treatment in different therapies with very satisfactory results.

However, in the last few years, comprehensive electrostimulation training has also been introduced into the world of sports and fitness.

The truth is that it is having a lot of popularity and due to the multiple benefits it brings to training and it should not surprise us.

Until a few years ago it would seem impossible to think that with only two training sessions with a volume of time of less than thirty minutes we could achieve good results, but the intensity of the training with electro stimulation recruiting up to 90 percent of the muscle fibers authorize us to affirm that It really is possible and the improvement is very significant.

It also guarantees a higher caloric consumption and muscle growth without joint load, which is also very important for the type of population.

ACTIVE is the equipment that improves your training system. Ideal for everyone*.

*Please, verify that you are not among the cases in which electrostimulation is contraindicated. If you have any questions, check our frequently asked questions FAQ page.

¿Cómo funciona Active?

The ACTIVE system is very easy to use. Once we put on the suit, we must select the different muscle groups and increase the intensity depending on our sensations. Each muscle group will have its own intensity in relation to its size and fitness. ACTIVE works with a frequency of 85 hertz (85 impulses per second) and with 10 seconds of muscle activation and 5 seconds of rest. The program lasts 30 minutes and you can take a break if you need it. ACTIVE is the ideal program for toning workouts.


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