You’ve heard of muscle electrostimulation, but … How does electrostimulation work? And why does it work? In this article we explain the details you should know about electrostimulation or EMS.

The electrostimulation EMS works

Electrostimulation is a technique that has been used for many years and very widely in the rehabilitation sectors, and more recently, in aesthetics and fitness. Through the use of devices that send electrical impulses to the muscles, muscle contractions are provoked and as a consequence an effect similar to that obtained by exercising the muscles.
Without a doubt, the extensive experience shows that electro stimulation works and the results it offers do not admit doubts about its use.

Electrostimulation works in aesthetics: slimming and anti-cellulite

In the case of aesthetic treatments, electro stimulation works as a slimming treatment, because, thanks to the intensity we obtain in each electro stimulation session, we achieve a caloric consumption that is much higher than what we would achieve with conventional training. This change in the way of training gives us spectacular results.
In turn, it also significantly improves the appearance of the skin and helps us in the elimination of cellulite, increase muscle tone and thus improve sagging skin.
The revolution of EMS integral or global electrostimulation equipment
In the field of rehabilitation, it may be sufficient to work with electrostimulation equipment of a single muscle group, since, in most cases, a specific area needs to be stimulated: the area where the injury has occurred.
However, when we want an aesthetic or sports application, it is necessary to act on the maximum number of possible areas at the same time.
For about ten years, global or integral electrostimulation devices have appeared.

These devices allow you to work several muscle groups at the same time and accelerates us even more, if possible, obtaining results. Reaching the objectives in a shorter period of time.
Why does electrostimulation work?
Electro stimulation causes more muscle fibers to be excited than we can recruit when we do it conventionally. Thus, the conversion of fat into muscle is much greater when we work with electro stimulation.
By occupying the fat much more space than the muscle, the volume reduction is very noticeable and we can say that the use of electro stimulation causes obvious changes.
All these positive aspects that electrostimulation gives us can be complemented, of course with a diet to obtain the ideal beauty treatment, with a goal of losing weight.
Also, to put the icing on the cake, we can add a reducing gel during the application of electrostimulation.

The ideal slimming beauty treatment formula

In conclusion, by combining the 3 points described above, a treatment will be obtained that allows you to lose weight and tone at the same time without neglecting the appearance of the skin.

Electrostimulation EMS works in sports

Electrostimulation works and is a technique used in athletes both for the recovery of injuries and to increase muscle strength and power.

The origin of electrostimulation EMS

Like many of the technological advances, electrostimulation had its development as a method of stimulation and even as a possible torture in military confrontations.
The evolution of products and the adaptation of electrostimulation to the different sectors mentioned: medicine / rehabilitation; aesthetics and sport, have achieved that in our times all electro stimulation devices are perfectly controlled and safe, using only a current ratio that only causes gains without causing any damage.

The manufacture and development of global electro stimulation vests and suits with electrodes has only increased the reputation that electro stimulation works.


How does electrostimulation work? The different ways of working the muscle according to the frequency applied

Electrostimulation can be used for different purposes. By varying the working frequency, different results are achieved.
When we work with lower frequencies, that is at least contractions per second, we use electro stimulation as a method to relax the muscles, let’s say that working with frequencies between 1 and 10 hertz we get endorphins released, we raise the pain threshold, we increase the pain threshold vascularization and relaxation.
When the electro stimulation works between 10 and 20 hertz we improve the oxygenation of the tissues, work capacity of the tonic musculature (up to 30hz) personal aptitude and the stabilizing musculature is improved.
When the electro stimulation works between 20 and 50 hertz, we will exercise the mixed fibers, stimulate the muscle in a global way to improve tone and resistance to strength. At these frequencies electro stimulation works in the early stages of rehabilitation.

When the electro stimulation works between 50 and 150 hertz, the phasic musculature is worked, on the other hand, between 40 and 80 hertz, we will work the strength and muscular hypertrophy, between 80 and 100 hertz we will train the maximum strength and from 100 hertz electro stimulation works to increase power, which will increase the ability to be faster with more force.

The application of electrostimulation EMS to sport

Knowing the previous data, we can already intuit that the application of electrostimulation in the field of sport is more than evident.
Thanks to its wide possibilities, global sports electrostimulation is used in a very wide range of people:
From sedentary people or older people – electrostimulation can be used to tone up. to professional athletes, who will use global electrostimulation to increase muscle power. Sports electrostimulation optimizes your muscles.
With just 20 minutes per week you get the tone and firmness necessary for all muscle groups.

A specific prior physical form is not necessary, so it can be very effective in older people, always with an adequate program and a controlled training volume to, gradually, increase it depending on the state of form of the subject in question.
If we work statically or in isometry, electro stimulation works great in people with mobility problems, the risk of injury is minimal.
The global electrostimulation allows to balance the muscles.
We have already seen how electrostimulation works.
Global electrostimulation equipment has integrated different circuits to stimulate different muscle areas. The majority of the equipment allows to regulate the intensity of independent form in each one of these zones.

By being able to choose the different intensities in each muscle group we can get to balance the muscular strength in case we only use it in the less developed muscle groups and, thus, ensure that the muscles are more stabilized.
Electro stimulation works as a great complement for high performance athletes.

How to get the most out of electrostimulation EMS

We have seen that electro stimulation is an important aid to maintain or reduce body weight since caloric consumption is higher than conventional by having to regenerate muscle damage in subsequent recovery and having the metabolism activated many more hours than in training without electro stimulation
Therefore, it is important, as with any training, to rest the necessary time until the muscles are ready for a good workout again. This rest can vary from one person to another, depending on the time you need for recovery, but, as a general rule, the body takes 2 to 3 days to recover, so it is advisable to use electrostimulation 1 or 2 times per week
Each person will regulate the intensity of the load according to their state of form and of course their objectives, since electro stimulation works and the goals to be achieved are personal.